Julia Independent Bookshop of August - Bell Bookshop

The Julia Independent Bookshop for August is Bell Bookshop in Henley-on-Thames

Manager of the Bookshop,  Emma tell us about The Gruffalo Day on 8th August: 

The Bell Bookshop was thrilled to be chosen as the Julia Donaldson Independent Bookshop of the month for August.  The timing was perfect as we had  recently expanded the children's section to fill one third of the shop and with the publication of the Scarecrow's Wedding and What the Ladybird Heard Next.

In the run up to the main event we turned our large shop window into the deep, dark wood.  It was filled with a 6ft tree, woodland animals, insects and of course a Gruffalo.  We decorated the shop with Gruffalo bunting, balloons and set up the Gruffalo Raffle.

 On the actual day the shop was bursting at the seams with young children awaiting the Gruffalo's arrival.  Our fabulous storyteller Susie started off with a Gruffalo reading and was swiftly accompanied by her word perfect young audience!  There were squeals of delight when they spotted the Gruffalo approaching them. 

After spending some time with them he went for a stroll along the streets of Henley-on-Thames where he startled many adults and dog alike. 

 Back in the shop the children went on a Treasure Hunt and then on an “Explorer's” Nature Trail.  We loved the fact that our other customers took the large plastic bugs, ladybirds, snakes, mushrooms etc, which were scattered around the shop , in their stride.  One elderly lady took several of our Gruffalo cakes home with her for tea with her friends!

All our customers loved the day, congratulated us upon winning the award and simply can't get enough of Julia's books.

Monday 17 August 2015



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