World Book Day costume ideas

Here are some ideas to help with your child’s World Book Day costume this year:

Gruffalo Face Paint

  • Paint your face brown
  • Add white tusks and a big black tongue
  • Don’t forget the white teeth and green wart
  • You could make ears and horns from card
  • Practice your best scary growl!

Mouse Face Paint

  • Paint a little pink nose
  • Add some whiskers and a small mouth
  • Make some ears from card or paper plates
  • You could even use a long sock for a tail
  • Practise a little mouse squeak!

We've a marvellous downloadable pack written by Book Aid International  download this by clicking on the image below:

And take a stroll through these terribly good videos, simply click on the images below to play:

Tuesday 1 March 2016



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